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InciNotes™ - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does InciNotes™ have a free 30 trial period?

No it’s against Apple’s iTunes Store policy to allow 30-day free trials.

If my department buys multiple copies of InciNotes™ for our iPads can we get a discount for a bulk purchase?

No Apple policy is to price your application at a reasonable price to begin with. Also take into consideration there is never an update fee to update your InciNotes™.

How do I document a resource briefing in InciNotes™?

Click on Resource drop down menu button, for the resource you want to brief or re-brief, click on the edit tab in the drop down menu this will pop up the a window for that resource. At the bottom of the resource window you will see the question, Have you briefed the crew? You will see an on/off button click the on button this will allow you to date and time stamp when you briefed the resource.

How do I assure I have done a thorough briefing in InciNotes™?

Next to the Briefing on/off switch you will see an (i) click on the (i), this will pop up the Briefing Check List out of the Incident Response Pocket Guide, just follow the format in the Briefing Checklist.

What is InciNotes™?

InciNotes™ is the Incident Command System 201 interactive documentation system for Apple's iPad.

What are the System Requirement's for InciNotes™?

Original iPad, iPad2, iPad3, iPad4 and ipad Mini running IOS operating system.

What documentation features does InciNotes™ offer the user?

Size up, Complexity Analysis,Incident Commander Responsibility Check list, Safety Check Lists, Resource Tracking, Setting Objectives, Making plans primary and Contingency, Hazard Mitigation, Incident Events (ICS 214), Real Time Weather Reports, Real Time Spot Weather Forecast Request, Map Sketch and Command Structure.

Does InciNotes™ track resource status?

Yes by work assignment, staged, en route, on scene, work assignment, rest, available on scene.

How can I enter a name into the Command Structure?

Add the position you want to in Command Structure page hold your finger down on the position you created a contact list window will pop up add your name to the contact list then click on the name you entered into the contact list and it will add the name to the position you created.

Where can I add incident name, incident number and agency specific charge code for the incident?

Once you have completed the size up of your incident there is a little box on the right hand corner of your size up screen click on the box and it will pop up a window where you can add the information to your incident.

How can I update my sketch map?

On the map sketch screen you will see and update button, click on update button and it will take you into the map sketch screen where you will see the tool bar. Draw a new sketch map.

How can I do a manual weather report?

Click on new report on the on the weather reports section of InciNotes™ Add your location and weather readings , then click on the relative humidity box a window will pop up add your elevation then click calculate.

How do I input my agencies logo into InciNotes™?

Adding your agencies logo in inciNotes™ is simple and easy. Just go to Incinotes™ application home page click on the gear button, this will take you to the User Info page just click on the upper right hand of the User Info page where it says agency logo this will open up photos. From the photos select your agencies logo. You will have to input your agencies logo into photos; this will allow you to input your agencies logo from your stored photos.

More information can be found in the InciNotes™ User Manual.

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