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InciNotes™ - Hazmat 704 Snapshot Screen.

NFPA 704 screen allows the Incident Commander a quick Identification of hazardous materials for a HAZMAT incident. "fire diamond" used by emergency personnel to quickly and easily identify the risks posed by hazardous materials. This helps determine what, if any, special equipment should be used, procedures followed, or precautions taken during the initial stages of an emergency response.

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InciNotes™ - HAZMAT Incident Operational Snapshot Screen.

The HAZMAT incident operational snapshot screen gives the Incident Commander a snap shot of the following Incident Complexity, HAZMAT 704, Safety Check Lists, Resource Status (en route, on scene, staging, work assignment, rest period and available on scene.), incident objectives, incident plan, hazards, incident events (ICS 214), Current weather, map sketch and command structure.

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