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About InciNotes™

InciNotes™ iPad™ is an Innovative Solution for Incident Command System 201 Documentation (Incident Organizer). InciNotes™ provides continuous, situational awareness—for improved command response and safety for all risk incidents.

InciNotes™, is the first ICS 201 documentation application for the iPad™. InciNotes™ makes incident documentation simple and easy. InciNotes™ follows the Standard Operating Procedures for Incident Commanders in Region 5 of the United States Forest Service, National Wild Fire Coordinating Group and "Red Book" - National Interagency Fire Center.incinotes logo

Core Values

  • Leadership Through Innovative Incident Command System 201 Documentation.
  • Provide Clear Leaders Intent Through a Systematic Approach to Incident Documentation.
  • Improve Planning, Communications and Incident Documentation.
  • Instill Incident Excellence Through Documentation Accountability.
  • Create Quality and Innovation in Incident Documentation

Mission Statement

At InciNotes™ We create innovative incident management tools to enhance all risk incident management through leadership, efficiency and safety principles.

Vision Statement

We intend to provide the most innovative software tools for Incident Management from iPad™ to real time reports in minutes. From beginning to the end of the incident. We make emergency responders more efficient and safer.

Long Term Goals

  • Create new and innovative Incident Command System Tools for Emergency Responders to meet all there Incident Command System needs.
  • Advance Incident Management Documentation to a new level of documentation for Emergency Responders.
  • Be the leaders in innovative Incident Command System Documentation iPad™ applications.
  • Create a full suite of Incident Command System interactive applications from ICS 201 to ICS 231 for the iPad.

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